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Life & Confidence Coach | Anchor 


I am an enthusiastic, confident, and self-built woman. I am modern in my approach with a strong base of traditional philosophy. I am also into the wonderful art of anchoring events, shows, and large gatherings and have been a full-fledged emcee for over 6 years throughout India.

From being an introvert to becoming an anchor for large audiences, from a narrow perspective girl to a confident lady with a broad outlook, I have unleashed many pages of my true potential in this amazing journey of my life. It all began the moment I decided to bring out the true me - to tap into the true potential that lay deep inside me. And hence I started truly living - a life of great purpose and meaning.

You can also find a traveler in me, an explorer and a dreamer too, as I love to dream BIG! As the ever-optimistic person that I am, I strive to radiate positivity all around me.

Here I am, to help you create your dream life the way you want it to be.












Anything is possible when you truly connect with your inner self, which builds self-esteem, and then nothing can beat you.


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